About Us

Photography is a lifelong passion.

The photography bug bit me in the 1980s and carried over while serving in the United States Marine Corps. Taking pictures of the people I served with and places we went made photography my hobby for life. Back then, you used film. A photographer didn’t have digital cameras that today’s photographers take for granted.

After leaving the Marines, I continued to pursue my passion for photography by managing a photo lab and working in custom photo printing. Then I started shooting portraits in a small studio. After six years, the next big thing entered my life, computers. This happened just as the internet was born.

Photography became my hobby of choice, still shooting portraits and landscapes. But my new career was in Information Technologies. The next 24 years carried me through the IT world from technician, IT Manager and finally Network Engineer.

Now it has come full circle. In January 2021, I started Pharr Out Media to embrace my love of photography once again. Pharr Out Media focuses on Real Estate photography.